At least I’m not standing in sewage

It’s not having to answer the front door in my pyjamas that I mind so much. It’s the crazy bed-hair that goes with wearing my pyjamas that goes with it. This morning was the third time in about a month that I’ve had to answer the front door in my afore-mentioned PJs. It’s ok. They’re quite respectable. What I don’t understand is why two out of the three times have been on a public holiday when you would THINK that people would realise that public holidays are for sleeping in, staying in one’s pyjamas until whenever they want and not answering doors to any of the following:
1. Police following up a complaint from neighbours that someone had been “meddling” with their boat. This is the same boat that I hate because they park it right on the fence where I once had a clear view out of my dining room windows. Never fear, my strategically placed trees will soon be higher than it. Also, it was not me that “meddled” with it.
2. Council workers following up a complaint from someone the next street over apparently having trouble with the main sewerage line that runs between my house and my other next door neighbours. In answer to the question “Have you noticed any problems with this?” I said “No”. What I should have said was, “Well no, apart from the time five years ago when it rained like buggery and your feeble attempts to keep the drain/pipes situation properly maintained resulted in both my neighbours and I having to vacate our house for a week because the sewerage backed up right through both our houses”. At the time, the council came and did some work on the line and installed a sort of non-return flap/valve thing so that would never happen again. I got some nice insurance and the floorings of my house completely recovered, as did my neighbours. I also got a new saying to console myself when things are turning out a bit rubbish “At least I’m not standing in sewage”. This event is also known as “The Great Poo Flood of 2008”.
3. Music students wanting to pay me for accompanying services rendered at the music eisteddfod over 6 weeks ago. This is perhaps the most welcome of the early morning visitor because she gave me money and didn’t say “Oh, have I got you out of bed”. Perhaps she just wanted to get away from my scary bed hair.


2 Responses to “At least I’m not standing in sewage”

  1. 2paw says:

    There’s always something to be grateful for. We had a similar incident in Penguin except it was not cleaned properly and the poor people have been unable to go home for three months.
    Yes, public holidays are pretty much ONLY for sleeping in!!!
    If I ever stay in my pyjamas on a not-dog-walking day you can be sure someone comes to the front door!!

  2. Wendy says:

    oh goodness… three months…that is dreadful! I do love a public holiday…and sleeping in.

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