corporate polo shirt

I’m thinking it would be wonderful to have a Sunday where I mooched around the house in my pyjamas and do not much at all. Perhaps I would read a work of fiction or watch a film. Perhaps I would do some cooking or go outside into my much neglected garden. Perhaps I would have a little nap in the afternoon. I might even do some vacant staring out the window. It’s been some time since I’ve had a Sunday like that.

Instead I’m going to quickly shower, put on my university-issued corporate polo shirt* and black pants (no denim as per the staff briefing document circulated last week) and front up to the campus open day looking helpful and welcoming. I will answer questions and fill out forms for an hour and half before leaving to drive into town and accompany a cello student for her exam. I shall play Haydn, Elgar and Piazolla. I may or may not still be wearing my aforementioned corporate polo shirt. Then it’s off to buy some groceries, get a prescription filled, return home to organise the week ahead, complete my coursework for the week, feel guilty that I haven’t yet started my assignment due at the end of the month, unpack the printer I bought yesterday and in a feat of technological genius manage to get it talking to two computers. I fear the last task will take the longest. And that, my friends will be the end of Sunday.

*there’s also a corporate issue cap. I choose not to wear that.


2 Responses to “corporate polo shirt”

  1. 2paw says:

    That doesn’t sound like a nice relaxing Sunday at all. Once at school they wanted us to have a ‘uniform’ as teachers. A blue one. I put my foot down and said I wouldn’t even wear a green uniform!!!

  2. Wendy says:

    indeed it was not a nice relaxing sunday….I am fairly anti-uniform most of the time…. 🙂

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