the sewing frenzy continues

The sewing frenzy continues. I spent every day at work wishing I was at home sewing. That is strange isn’t it? Yesterday I made two things. This top and this skirt.

I am very happy with the top. It is better than last week’s effort with the same pattern where I didn’t take enough notice and got the bird pattern upside down on the back. And I managed to cut the skirt material so that the little horses were the right way up on the front and the back. It’s the simple things that are the achievements! My seams were also much neater yesterday than last week. I was more confident at cutting and snipping and adjusting slightly to fit me. I am the “pear shape” so most shop clothes – especially dresses – rarely fit me properly. I am going to attempt a simple shift dress today and I have material for one more top. I also bought a pattern for an A line skirt with a zip in the side. I am saving some lovely material that has been in the patchwork cupboard for many years for that. I have to trace the pattern off for my size with that one. That might be my challenge for next weekend. It’s lovely to have a project going. I am using it as an incentive. If I do all my yucky house jobs then I am allowed to sew. Yucky house jobs include washing, folding, tidying, cooking, very light cleaning, remembering that it’s bin day, putting all my shoes away neatly. You get the picture. I am hoping the same incentive scheme works for my last assignment for the term which is due at the end of the month. Study first….then sewing.


2 Responses to “the sewing frenzy continues”

  1. 2paw says:

    Fabulous top, love the material and yes, it is the little things like making sure the pattern on the fabric is the right way up!! Can I recommend The Sewaholic patterns?? They are especially designed for the Pear shape.I’m putting a URL now:
    I use a reward system like that, but sometimes I just sew or knit and throw caution to the wind!!

  2. Wendy says:

    that is a good link with some nice looking patterns. Thanks! I’m really enjoying sewing after so long. hopefully I will make my way towards slightly more complicated patterns in a while as well 🙂

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