an at home weekend

Well it’s been a big February so far. It took two weeks for me to be able to move back into my house properly. Even though I was sleeping here after a week of the flooding I had no hot water system so was living a strangely displaced existence with half my clothes at my parents’ so I could shower there and get to and from work in a relatively respectable fashion. Then just as I got back to work it was time to high-tail it to Brisbane to the wonderful NLS6 conference. It was an amazing relief to escape Bundaberg. The conference was awesome. I got to listen and talk to lots of fantastic people. I also did some shopping therapy before leaving to come back home. Finally on Friday a new hot water system was installed and I felt like I could really move back home properly. So this weekend I have been nesting. The fridge and cupboards were bare so I went shopping and filled them up. I have cooked all day today to restock the freezer with meals. I’ve made an Irish stew, spaghetti bolognese, raspberry and banana muffins, fruit salad for the week and jelly. I have healthy fruit everywhere and am enjoying lovely cups of tea made in my own kitchen. I can even wash up without boiling the kettle first. Yes, I do realise these are all first world problems but they’re my first world problems so I’ll take responsibility for that. Yesterday I sewed and nearly finished my dark green dress. I also went out and bought some cute blue shoes from Saskia’s after a delicious chai latte and bacon and egg burger breakfast. And then in the afternoon I had a gorgeous nap on my lounge. It seems like months since I had such a beautiful at home weekend. And joy of joys, on Thursday I nabbed my They Might Be Giants tickets for May 8 in Brisbane. And the next day I’m flying to Tasmania for a ten day holiday. Things are looking up!


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  1. 2paw says:

    I am so glad top read that things have all been sorted out and you are fine. Once the initial shock has passed the media moves on. When my electricity was fixed in the kitchen I appreciated my fridge soooo much. It is a first world problem, but that’s where we are and we can’t be responsible for the whole world, so being responsible for just your bit sounds fine.
    Oh you would be fine here tomorrow in Hobart : 35, but then 18. I am wishing for 18.
    Oh, a new green dress. Sounds wonderful!!!

  2. Wendy says:

    Oh dear 35…that is very hot indeed…even in Queensland.I hope you stay very cool. I am wearing my green dress today…it is bit short because I didn’t have quite enough material but it’s beautifully green that I am wearing it whatever!

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