Red ribbon in your cat’s bottom?…no worries

This post probably goes a long way to explain why I am not a vet. Last night I arrived home to a most unusual sight. As the cat greeted me at the door I noticed something odd. Sticking out of his, shall we say, ARSE, was a length of the red craft ribbon that I had used to wrap all my Christmas presents. His little bottom was all festive….and freaking me out. He was oblivious to the 15cm or so of festivities suddenly adorning his business end. I, however, was working on what to do about this. Dear Harrison was in no distress. He was wandering around the house chasing geckoes up the windows as is his usual nightly routine.

So like any responsible pet owner, I had a shower and wondered what to do. Should I try and pull the ribbon out? Bearing in mind that the ribbon had obviously made it through the idiot cat’s complete digestive system this grossed me out. Did I have rubber gloves? Would I be able to use my hands for eating or touching my face ever again? I couldn’t imagine so. I mean I’ve watched a lot of All Creatures Great and Small, Dr Harry and Bondi Vet but I don’t remember any Christmas themed episodes with cats that might get all scratchy when you suddenly, with great flourish, magician style , rip a length of ribbon from their behinds. So then, I decided that I would do nothing at all. If the ribbon was in his little bottom then SURELY the next time he did his business it would, according to the laws of nature and cat’s business, just pop out on its own. And if it didn’t then I might take him to the vet. Or ring my Dad. One of those two options.

So, I ignored the weird sight of the red ribbon against the grey fur for the rest of the evening, and with a little bit of guilt took myself to bed. This morning I got up and we greeted each other in our usual fashion.

Me: Hello Mr Harrikins

Harrison: *distinctly unimpressed morning stare*

And, I looked at his bottom.

No red ribbon.

And I looked in the litter box.

Gross red ribbon.

And all was well with the world.


4 Responses to “Red ribbon in your cat’s bottom?…no worries”

  1. Kim Meissner says:

    15cm or so of ribbon – Harrison would have looked like a kite as he jumped from the window sill!

  2. Jodes says:

    Ha! Poor Harrison. Well, poor you – it doesn’t sound like it put the cat out at all! I once bought Fry a packet of those fuzzy pom-pom-with-bell cat toys, each one about the size of a tom bowler marble. Fry, who is very large and has a brain the size of a pea, swallowed the damn things whole and I was fishing defiled pom poms out of the litter box for days.

  3. 2pw says:

    Oh no, that’s a festive dilemma I have thus far avoided. I am glad it all worked out in the end!!! It could have been tinsel, which would have made for a sparkly end. I am glad Harrison is well!!

  4. Wendy Davis says:

    Oh my….I feel very fortunate it was not pom poms! Or tinsel for that matter 🙂
    Pets hey! What would we do without them?

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