Roy and HG… and then

There’s been a little bit of discussion about Roy and HG’s current turn at the Sochi Winter Olympics. I’m the first to admit that I don’t think they are showing us their best work, constrained by the barely half hour varying timeslot on Channel 10 and the lack of interviews with athletes. It was a different story in 2000 when they made their mark with The Dream during the Sydney Olympics. This was unmissable TV. I wrote about this in my PhD thesis and later it was published in my monograph based on the PhD.

Here it is in full and out of context but I felt compelled to read it this morning and remember the glory days.

The dream with Roy and HG

Beware, there was a lot of French critical theory involved and cringeful writing but you get the idea. They were awesome!

And goodness gracious should you want to read the whole book I’ll gladly send you one. For free.


3 Responses to “Roy and HG… and then”

  1. 2pw says:

    I agree. In the olden days they were in top form, but I fear they have suffered from commercialisation and being far away for the athletes. Also, giving NZ curry is getting a bit old. They were unmissable.

    • Peter Malcouronne says:

      As a New Zealander, I love curry. Roy & HG are great men – the finest satirists since Swift. Keep it up, champs!

      Wendy, I’d like to read your thesis. Please flick it mywards.

  2. Garry says:

    I will read the book.

    pm me for adress

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