the Summer of Wendy

I alternate between feeling like I made the best decision of my life in leaving my job and worrying that I’ll never be employed again. Mostly, though it’s the former which is reassuring for someone like me who second guesses their decisions all the time. When in doubt I turn to Seinfeld. I consider this year the Summer of Wendy (a la the Summer of George) except I’m actually going to do stuff and not be a loser. (Well, at least not be MORE of a loser. )

Unlike George Costanza, I’ve already read a book from beginning to end. I have no desire to learn Frolf. For me, this is a time of transition…from something I didn’t want to be to something that I do want to be (even though that is still taking shape quite slowly).  What this means is sometimes I feel like I’m having this conversation with myself:

However, I have to be careful. The temptation is there to get a job just for the security of having one. I wasn’t happy when I was in that situation so for the next while I have to resist the temptation to freak out. I’m teaching the piano. That’s good. I have time to work on my Masters. I love my Musical Bundaberg project both because I find it fascinating AND because it’s something that I actually wanted to do, and did it without asking anyone’s permission or looking for validation (well except for the ethical clearance people at QUT). I’m organising to restart violin lessons. These are all things I didn’t have any time for previously. I need to keep believing in myself, value the opportunities I now have time for and keep my eyes wide open.

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  1. 2paw says:

    Teachers are renowned for craving security and love to plan ahead. Also fort corn children. I am first born and loved having the same job (teaching) and living in the same house. My sister loves moving about and having a new job all the time. She leaves one job and has another before you can say Jack Robinson!! I am glad you are enjoying your sabbatical, for that is how I think of it!!!

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