catch up day

Today was a catch up day.

I folded three weeks worth of clean washing. I now have clothes in the cupboard again. This means that I don’t have to rat through piles of laundry every morning looking for something to wear. I also caught up on getting food into the house. Yes, I bought groceries. Then I caught up on violin practice which had been a little neglected last week. I also caught up on a contract job I am doing writing a QA manual for the place I used to work which I won’t name here. (a la the Scottish play). Then I went out and did some of those jobs that entail going to places like the post office and the bank. I renewed my passport. My my but my new photo is attractive. I’m not wearing my glasses and I have big shadows under my eyes. And then I went to the bank to deposit a cheque. Yes, I see the serve yourself envelopes and deposit box in the wall thank you very much person behind the counter, but when I’m depositing anything more than 50 bucks I’d like to see you actually process it. But thanks anyway for trying to put yourself out of a job. Good work. Have a lovely day. etc.

And after a little piano teaching and choir rehearsal tonight that, my friends, is Monday.

Everyone needs a catch up day every so often.


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