Farewell brown couch

One the sad things about my new piano is that it means I am going to have to get rid of my giant, three seater comfy brown couch because the two giant items of furniture will simply not coexist in my tiny living area. I have had many an awesome nanna nap on that brown couch and I will miss it.

This morning I went looking for single comfy chairs and to my great surprise I found one in my favourite green colour. Because you know it’s extremely important when buying furniture to match it to your knick knacks, vases and other bric a brac. Or should that be the other way around?

Anyway, the point of this story is that I ended up buying a recliner. I have always resisted the reclining chair as it reminded me of my grandparents. Does this mean I am getting old? Buying a recliner? What’s next? A tray table to eat my dinner in front of the telly?

I started reminiscing about the various couches I have lived with.

1. The brown and yellow divan that I had in my first uni flat which I shared with my brother. Second hand. Good for when people came to stay. Really hopeless to sit on as the top and bottom parts kept sliding apart.

2. The orange and pine lounge suite inherited from parents. Think orange floral cushions. Think “Don’t sit on that chair it’s broken” being shouted at all visitors. Think humid days in brisbane when the cushions would sweat grimily in the heat because we used to sit with our feet on them. Totally awful

3. The vinyl lounge suite in Hervey Bay that I got from my uncle and aunt. It was in good condition and was really comfy. But really, vinyl? In the Queensland summer. I donated to a charity when I left there.

4. The blue fabric swirly corner lounge. I loved this blue lounge. It was the first new sofa I had ever bought with my own money. It had a lovely self-patterned swirl. It seated five people. Unfortunately, corner lounges are stupid and take way too much room, especially if your room doesn’t lend itself to corners. Still okay for naps and in its last days, the cat ripped a hole in the underneath of the cushions and used to hide in it so someone enjoyed it.

5. The brown couch. I wanted (a) something I could lie down on (b) something that had a high back so I could sloth about on it. It had both and I loved it. It will be missed.


I will say this though. The recliner is tremendously comfortable. I believe I could nap very nicely in it. It won’t take up too much room and I got two smaller chairs in a green leaf pattern fabric to go with it. This means the room can easily be rearranged should I have a a little musical afternoon.

Farewell brown couch. You will be missed. Looks like I’m a grown up now with matching grown up furniture.

Here’s a song about another awesome couch…well divan.


2 Responses to “Farewell brown couch”

  1. Kate says:

    RIP brown couch. Say hi to the greeney gold monstrosity from my childhood when you get to couch heaven. I loved that couch. I cried when my parents got rid of it in favour of a hard, brown corner lounge that wasn’t suitable for lying. What were they thinking?

  2. Wendy Davis says:

    Couches should always be good for lying!! It’s the first rule of couches!

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