Get some wrinkles please Our Nic

Over the last year I’ve been trying to keep up to date (and do a massive catch up) on my film watching. One problem with living outside a capital city is that we tend not to get independent or more interesting films. Or, they play for a week at unfortunate times and then disappear. The Grand Budapest Hotel came and went without me even noticing. Damn.

Anyway, in the last couple of weeks I’ve caught up with The Railway Man and Her. I also lost three hours of my life watching Runaway Bride but let’s never mention that atrocity again shall we? Agreed.

The Railway Man

I’m a Colin Firth kind of girl. I’m the sad sack who adored him in Pride and Prejudice. I’ll watch Bridget Jones anytime it’s on – not to marvel at Renee Zwelleger’s British accent but to see Colin. I was hesitant about The Railway Man because I’m not really into movies about war or violence of any kind. Still a friend recommended it to me a week ago so I gave it a whirl. Firth is very good. Nicole Kidman is her usual annoying self. No way did I believe she was middle aged. Get some wrinkles please Our Nic. The scenes of torture were distressing as well they should be. I was impressed with the soundtrack and then realised during the credits that it was because it was by David Hirschfelder. Recommend.


I was um-ing and ah-ing what to watch last night. I considered The Book Thief but as someone reminded me, I hated the book so it’s doubtful I would enjoy the film. Wise. And yes, you read that correctly. I. Did. Not. Like. The.Book. So instead, I jumped in to watch Spike Jonze’s Her with Joaquin Phoenix. If you haven’t liked Spike Jonze’s previous films you probably won’t like this but in the end I think I did. I actually believed that Phoenix’s character was in love with his operating system. That’s some filmic achievement. And the song (that was nominated for an Oscar) was truly lovely. Recommend.

It’s a close call as to whether it is more or less beautiful from the song from Once

You decide…..

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