The time has come….

There are many things I could write about today:

  • what I watched on TV during the week
  • my new sneakers
  • how it’s time to start cooler weather exercise
  • how even though I thought I’d go to the pool through the winter months I don’t really like the inside pool because of the chlorine-y humidity
  • the pumpkin* coloured top I bought this morning to wear for next week’s choir concert (*orange)
  • whether pumpkin is a different colour to orange or if it’s just a posher word for the same colour
  • practising Bach on the violin and retraining my little finger to overcome it’s hyper mobility* (double-jointedness)
  • how hard it is to develop the muscles that support my little finger in my LH so it doesn’t collapse and lock when I use it
  • the grey weather that’s drifted into town today
  • the lack of cold weather in Queensland
  • my plans for my work placement
  • whether I’ll have a nap today or not
  • how it’s better not to have a nap because you don’t sleep as well at night but then on the other hand Saturday afternoon naps are the best thing ever (except for maybe modern medicine and other important things)
  • why Tony Abbott? Why?
  • how being President has really aged Barack Obama
  • whether Hilary Clinton will ever be President
  • how George Bush looked pretty healthy for a 90 year old who skydived
  • what I’m reading
  • how I started that Tara Moss book but didn’t keep reading it….even though it was well written and I should be more interested. It goes in the same category as the David Byrne book about music. I just know I’ll never finish that.
  • updating my CV and the delights* of addressing selection criteria (*nightmare)
  • who invented the concept of selection criteria in the first place
  • my interest in the soccer world cup (although it doesn’t extend to getting up to watch actual matches)
  • my amazement that the Socceroos scored any goals at all against Chile. Good job.
  • what I had for lunch (muesli with a banana)
  • why I had muesli for lunch (because breakfast was like lunch so “upside down Miss Jane”)
  • what I had for breakfast (buttermilk corn fritters, bacon, avocado and sour cream and a large chai)
  • what I’m having for dinner ( I don’t know)
  • the decision to get rid of most my my hardcopy books and CDs
  • whether I’ll regret the decision to get rid of most of my hardcopy books and CDs
  • when leggings are appropriate and what the difference is between a long top and a short dress
  • how I nearly bought a long top/short dress this morning but then reminded myself how much my new shoes cost so I resisted
  • my new chairs
  • how the cat might hate me because I’ve shifted all the furniture about
  • how Saturday is washing day..unless washing day is another day of the week
  • how bad I am at folding clean laundry
  • how this list is much longer than I thought it would be when I started it
  • how I love the challenge of blogjune even when I can’t think of anything decent to write about
  • how I started this blog a long time ago now to make myself write in a non-academic way after my PhD
  • how in the first few years I posted nearly every day
  • how Twitter changed the way I use this blog
  • of shoes and ships and sealing wax….and whether pigs have wings
  • how I couldn’t remember that quote properly so I had to google “cabbages and kings”
  • how google is pretty bloody amazing
  • how I’m going to make another cup of tea and ponder on my nap decision



2 Responses to “The time has come….”

  1. Katrina Macdonald says:

    A curiously enthralling post. But then again, I always love lists.*

    * And asterisks!

  2. Wendy Davis says:

    🙂 Asterisks are excellent. I also like lists where I can cross off things as they are done and give them a double tick!

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