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catch up day June 23, 2014

Today was a catch up day. I folded three weeks worth of clean washing. I now have clothes in the cupboard again. This means that I don’t have to rat through piles of laundry every morning looking for something to wear. I also caught up on getting food into the house. Yes, I bought groceries. […]

caught up in a swirl of sound June 21, 2014

Since I moved back to Bundaberg I’ve been involved with the Bundaberg Orpheus Singers. I was excited to join a choral group singing in 4 part harmony. Believe it or not – not all regional centres have adult singing groups. I was happy to sing with the altos for the first few years. I liked […]

On not breaking the chain June 20, 2014

For anyone who follows me on instagram and twitter you will know I am doing the fmsphotoaday challenge. I was inspired by @jobeaz’s daily photos last year and decided to give it go myself for 2014. I am determined not to miss a day and I don’t think I have so far. I’m never going […]

the saddest thing today June 19, 2014

I spent another morning at the legal firm this morning learning about records management in the safe custody section. People put lots of different things in safe custody. The saddest thing today was a handwritten last will and testament and suicide note that we had to make a record. ┬áNow it’s in a packet with […]

am I a chick lit chick? June 18, 2014

This post is about books and reading and stuff so I must be a librarian in training after all? Is that how it works? (Jokes. Never a good start to a post.) At the recommendation of @rachwray I’ve been reading some Freya North. I didn’t really know where to start so I was guided by […]

avocado on crackers June 17, 2014

My highlights reel for the last 24 hours: 1. got a tweet on screen for Q and A 2. had two coffees and a delicious homemade florentine at lunch today 3. met a great librarian at the place where I’m going to do some of my industry placement 4. window shopped at Avenell’s 5. stayed […]

And that is life June 16, 2014

Three great things happened today. 1. I went to the supermarket. I never have a huge amount of stuff but I’ve always avoided the self serve checkout machines. I tried them a few times when they first appeared but I found them stressful. They beeped when I didn’t remove my bagged items in a timely […]

a slight chill in the air June 15, 2014

Exciting times in the ‘berg today as there is a slight chill in the air. That’s right people. Winter is here. I just checked the weather forecast and this is what it looks like. Yes that’s correct. Your eyes do not deceive you. We have made it past midday without reaching 20 degrees. But look […]

the eternal apprentice June 13, 2014

I’ve been thinking (as I frequently do) about teaching and learning, and skills and expertise and all that jazz. And I’ve decided that I am an eternal apprentice and I think that’s a good thing. About a decade ago, a good musical friend here in town and I were bemoaning the fact that it was […]

state your career goal! June 11, 2014

I’m sorry… my what? I know that there are some really organised, together people in the world who know exactly what they want to do with their lives and set about getting there in focused and efficient manner. I’ve never really been one of those people. I’ve never had a single career goal. What do […]