just life really

I’ve been uninspired to write any posts this week. Nothing much of consequence has been happening. It’s all just the usual stuff. Choir on Monday night followed by watching The Big Bang Theory (which was not the strongest episode I have to say). Then Tuesday night Curb Your Enthusiasm. I will watch Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld do just about anything, but again not the most fascinating of episodes. Wednesday sucked the life out of me somewhat with a day filled with interviewing prospective students for next year. I then collapsed on the lounge (after recording my version of Charlie Chaplin’s Smile) and teaching some piano, and then watched Spicks and Specks. It wasn’t that exciting either.

This brings us to Thursday – more student interviews, and afternoon working at home, a piano lesson, Glee….and then suddenly in the midst of all this….I am notified that one of our students, who has just completed the program a few weeks ago, has passed away.

Life never ceases to….well…just be life really.


2 Responses to “just life really”

  1. 2paw says:

    Oh that is sad news about your student. Maybe it is just going to be a 'meh' kind of week?? Shall endeavour to listen to your 'Smile' a bit later on though.

  2. Wendy says:

    yes it is indeed. has reminded me that life is precious though. i might listen Smile again myself. Seems strange now that I played it yesterday and then today arrives.
    Meh indeed.

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