just a little tweeting every so often

This is my first officially sanctioned working from day. How exciting. I have delighted in the lack of phone calls, email tinging, people arriving at my office door unexpectedly and so on. I have also delighted in the amount of work I got through this morning…some things had been sitting waiting for a spare moment at work for months. I barely even procrastinated…just a little tweeting every so often and the odd facebook check for a minute or two. I can listen to whatever music I like, the kettle is really close by for cups of tea and coffee and if I want to I can wear my slippers.

Now, however I arrive at the real challenge – to work through my nana nap time. Surely, looking at the grammar module for the course I am teaching next term will keep me alert and alive.

We shall see….


3 Responses to “just a little tweeting every so often”

  1. 2paw says:

    Oh, working from home: bliss I should think. Cups of tea o tap, your own toilet, snacks:what could be better?? Hope you grammar-ed your way through the nana nap!!

  2. Nothing like defining a few past participles and finding the odd predicate to keep one awake!

  3. Wendy says:

    I was very pleased with myself for managing to resist the lure of the lounge and stay awake!

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