He got rhythm

Ah the first Wednesday of 2012. How exciting! Well not that exciting actually but I had to start this post somehow. What’s Wendy been doing I hear you wondering? Not very flipping much to be truthful. I have been doing bits and pieces on my assignment. Although part of me is wishing I hadn’t taken a summer subject I know that in the long run I will be very glad to have it completed. Apart from that there has been a fair amount of sleeping and reading. Of course there has been TV watching but that’s no different to any other time of the year. I am very happy that ABC2 is rerunning Doctor Who from the beginning of the Christopher Eccleston series. The story lines were a lot less complicated back in 2005 weren’t they? I mean, honestly, I could barely follow all the time-travellin’ hijinks in the last series. Also watching Billie Piper emphasises just what an ordinary companion the Amy Pond character is compared to the previous gals – Rose, Martha, Donna. I am not sad to hear that she is leaving. I actually prefer Rory. How about a cool male companion for the Doctor? Any enough of that Doctor Who talk. What else have I been a’watching? On the weekend I found I had recorded An American in Paris so I watched that. Firstly, Gene Kelly is an astonishing and amazing dancer. Sure, he did like to get carried away with dream/fantasy dance sequences but that’s forgivable. The music of Gershwin is timeless and one of my absolute favourite things in the whole world. I had missed the dry genius of Oscar Levant the first time I watched this movie (which was some years ago now). Here’s a little treat for you: http://youtu.be/LvglHa_P9BA – you’ll have to go to youtube I’m afraid as “embedding is disabled by request”. Here’s another absolute treat though! Such joy!


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  1. 2paw says:

    yes, you will appreciate having completed the subject later on: delayed gratification. Was it in the Joe Maddison's War show that Melanie Hill said gene Kelly has a big behind- or was it Kevin??
    I have not caught up with the end of the last season or the Christmas Doctor Who yet, but I am going to watch the ABC2 episodes again. In the olden days there were lost of exciting companions and I am looking forward to some who are not all doe-eyed about the Doctor.

  2. Wendy says:

    I didn't watch Joe Maddison's War even though it looked quite good.
    Yes I keep reminding myself that I will be happy to have this subject done before the year starts.

    Exactly! That is why I liked Catherine Tate's character the best out of the new companions.

  3. djfoobarmatt says:

    My kids went mad for Singing in the Rain when my son did it for his school musical (just the song). We watched that YouTube clip a hundred times.

  4. Wendy says:

    I do love the song and clip a lot too…not sure if I could cope with that intensity of viewing though 🙂

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