one fell/foul/fowl swoop

It’s been my favourite kind of Saturday and the kind of Saturday that I haven’t had in a long long time. I slept in until 8. Got up just before 9 and managed to be showered and dressed in time for my dear mum to pick me up at 9:15. We nipped downtown for a morning coffee. I had a toasted sandwich for breakfast (cheese, tomato and avocado). We did a little bit of people watching and enjoyed the comfy lounge seats at the cafe. Then I came home via Officeworks where I picked up some archive boxes. With a great sense of satisfaction in one fell/foul/fowl swoop I plonked all of Term One’s bits and pieces from study in a box and neatly stored it in the hall cupboard. Then it was time to start the washing (an ongoing project as I write), have a bowl of cereal for lunch and watch the end of The Lake House which I recorded last night. Yes I know it’s a crap film. Yes, I’ve seen it before. Yes, I still can’t understand the whole time difference between Keanu and Sandra or why the mailbox is magical but that didn’t stop me recording the last half and watching it over my Just Right and muesli. I think I have a problem.

Then, and only then, it was nana nap time. Two and half hours later I woke up on the lounge to the sound of a very bad 1950s musical starring Janet Leigh and some other long forgotten Hollywood stars.  It certainly wasn’t any Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire number but they did sing Manhattan which is one of my favourite tunes. And incidentally it is the name of Woody Allen film on ABC2 tonight after the second half of the doco of his life. Here it is in a very early version. Old Rodgers and Hart could certainly put together a tune.

Anyway, after that music interlude Saturday continued with some soup for a late snack. Now I am enjoying a green tea and posting this final #blogjune. I’m looking forward to a quiet night, perhaps with some @TunnFM for @KyliePC ‘s birthday playlist and a little bit more Haigh’s dark chocolate. That my dear friends, is Saturday.


2 Responses to “one fell/foul/fowl swoop”

  1. 2paw says:

    I love a good and clever lyric, which is why I am not a fan of most modern songs – I can’t hear the words!!
    I agree about The Lake House, I can’t work out how the time loops work and I understand Doctor Who!!

  2. 2paw says:

    One FELL swoop!!!!

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