reality sets in….and bites a little

I had every good intention to write a post about what I read in 2012. But now it is evening and I am tired and would not do it justice. I also realised that I haven’t kept track of my reading in 2012 very well. I can however, write a post about the way my reading has changed since I bought my Kindle in early 2011. So I will do that on Saturday. Today was all about the second day back at work, or as I like to call it – the day when reality started to set in…as well as starting to bite a little bit. My to do list for tomorrow is overblown…and I have started to write things down in my diary for months in advance. That’s all okay but I don’t yet feel like I have a good handle over the role. Cut myself some slack you say? It’s only been two days! Oh, alright then. I staggered home this afternoon and slumped on the sofa, watched some telly, managed to go out to get takeaway and then realised I hadn’t done my #blog12daysxmas for today. So this is it. It’s not exciting. I just took advantage of the fact that QI came on so I could leave the television and not feel like I was missing anything. I am going to watch Judith Lucy on ABC2 later because she’s one of my Australian comedy idols. Then I am going to go to bed and be full of gladness, Pollyanna style, that tomorrow is Friday.

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