Heigh Ho

Well here we are at the 2nd of January and it’s time to go back to work. I feel strangely calm about the whole thing. Anyway, that’s boring talk. What happened yesterday? I sewed most of the afternoon. Then my Dad popped over to help me move my dining table into the music room where it now sits ready for sewing and music theory students. I just have to organise my growing stash of fabric into the wardrobe out there and that room is pretty much sorted. There is a big empty space in the dining area waiting for furniture to be delivered this morning. This confused the cat no end last night. Who had cleared this wonderfully big and cool space on the tiles for him? He sniffed around suspiciously for a while and then flung himself on the floor. I went for a walk just before the sun set. It was hot but at least there was some breeze. I felt virtuous. This exercise type activity must continue. MUST. Then it was home to have some ice-cream and watermelon and watch Being Erica. I downloaded BBC IPlayer so have access to the first three series which is nice because when it was on free to air here it was all a bit random in its scheduling. Canadian television….we need more of it! Anyway…. Heigh Ho!

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  1. I had a chuckle about your growing stash of fabric. I’ve got quite a stash myself, and am working on geting tables cleared and a few patterns sorted to hopefully do some sewing over the next few weeks and months. There is one thing I love about a good stash and that’s when I haven’t had a chance to rummage through it for months and months, and then I decide to sort out a few pieces and I get to fall in love with certain pieces all over again and wonder why I wasted money on some of the others!
    I love sewing and knitting when the reward is some nice, well fitted garments looking exactly how I hoped they’d look. Your sewing sounds so much fun.

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