Saturday morning

For the last decade or so every Saturday morning I have gone out for breakfast and coffee with my Mum. Over the years there have been a variety of other companions – friends and family – but my Mum and I are the constants.

We started off at Talking Point – a cafe now shut down – that was in the main street. This was in the early 2000s. Every week at 8:30 rain or shine we would meet our dear friend Gail there and order a big breakfast with a flat white (this was in my caffeinated days). My Dad and Gail’s husband Lester would join us after they had been for an early morning swim at the beach. They went summer through winter and ignored the temperature. Then the original owners of Talking Point sold and we moved our allegiance across the road to Indulge. We loved Indulge. Larry and Amanda who own Indulge love beautiful food. Their scrambled eggs were to die for and the coffee was awesome. After nearly 8 years of going there on a Saturday (and many other times in the week) we started to look elsewhere. Not because Indulge was any less wonderful. The rest of Bundaberg had discovered its awesomeness and it was nearly impossible to get a seat in there on Saturday mornings. We were getting there at 7:30am as the doors opened and people were waiting to rush the place to get a table. When Indulge was full we walked a few doors up the road to see Lynley at Rosiblu – a lovely gourmet deli place. The coffee wasn’t as good but the food was scrumptious. By that time I was getting pretty picky about my coffee as caffeine was off the menu and very few places could make a decent decaf that didn’t just taste like hot milk. We felt bad about leaving Indulge – guilty even but if you’re starving and counting on breakfast and then find you can’t even order you’re going to look for other options. We flirted with a new cafe – Alowishus. Their coffee is good but they don’t really do a breakfast menu. They are open on Sundays and public holidays though which in a town this size is a major advantage!

Now though we have established a new haunt at Saskia’s for Saturday morning. A beautiful gift, clothing and homewares shop combined with a cafe that does a yummy line of breakfast and a fabulous chai latte Saskia’s is a family owned and run business. And bonus, this morning as we were chatting to Miriam who remembers our order every week and makes our delicious beverages, they giveaway books that the family has read. Marvellous.


2 Responses to “Saturday morning”

  1. Rachel says:

    That is such a lovely routine that you have with your mother. I wish i had a relationship with my mother like that.

  2. Wendy Davis says:

    Thank you Rachel. I am very fortunate 🙂

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