of this and that….

Lots of things have been happening and I have once again turned into a slacker with blogging. So, to get ready for #blogjune I probably should write a few posts this week.

Let’s start dear blog by catching up.

I’ve been having a lovely time nearly all of the time over the last months. I’ve been studying three units in my LIS Masters. I’ve just got one assignment left for this term. Next term I have one coursework unit and a research project to GET MOVING ON AND FINISH. I also have to get cracking with organising my work placement. Then I will be able to graduate. It has been a luxury (and a little bit strange) studying without going to work during the day.

I have been slowly building up my piano teaching. It’s been so great to have time to think and plan for my students rather than arriving home in the afternoons in a great big rush and launching into lessons. We all survived the music eisteddfod and I was very proud of everyone. I did some last minute accompanying for singers and instrumentalists which was good for me.

My violin lessons are continuing and a few weeks ago I did my Grade 7 AMEB exam. This was a great experience and my result was very nice (A+) although not really the point of the exercise. I went to my lovely teacher Kate on Friday and I am going to push towards the Certificate of Performance exam in August. So far my pieces are some unaccompanied Bach, Beethoven Romance in G major and first movement of the Kabalevsky Violin Concerto. These are all great pieces. I am also learning a Mozart Violin Sonata with my Skype teacher in Canberra and some more solo Bach. These are beautiful pieces as well. I’ve written about this elsewhere so I won’t repeat myself.

Apart from that choir is keeping me busy every Monday night. I also became the President of the Incorporated Committee which is less work than it sounds so far. But it’s really good to feel like I have time to be involved with the choir by doing more than accompanying. I also have a commitment to the New Generation Advisory Committee as a member through ALIA which is interesting and I’m learning a lot about the profession and its peak body in Australia.

Other things that I find myself doing a lot are tweeting (most recently Eurovision, the disgusting Budget and American Idol). I am loving Call the Midwife, reruns of 30 Rock and other bits and pieces of the television. I have also started listening to podcasts – something I never had time or the inclination for previously. My favourites are Televised Revolution and Bring a Plate. I’ve also been listening to and playing music with my twitter Musical PLN via Soundcloud which has been awesome. I’ve been reading. I’ve been swimming. I’ve been cooking real food. I’ve been out for coffee with other people. I’ve been to Brisbane to see Billy Bragg and meet up with other people in real life.

And I saved the biggest news for last…there will be a new arrival in the house in the coming weeks….I’m having a giant autumn clean out and rearrangement of everything to make room….

new piano

Yes it’s a grand piano. Preloved and soon to arrive at my house. I’m very excited. I’m also very lucky.


2 Responses to “of this and that….”

  1. 2paw says:

    Oh congratulations on the new arrival: very shiny!!! You have been busy. Do you wonder how you had time to go to work?? The Budget is a disgrace. Well done on your violin exam. Is the performance part where you learn to flick your hair about and look aloofly at the audience??!!
    It is nice to be involved more fully with the things you like to do. Hope your get up and go gets and and goes so you can finish your projects.
    Yes, I am enjoying CTM too, but I saw Old School and I am a tiny bit in love with that too now.

    • Wendy Davis says:

      I haven’t watched old school yet. Perhaps I will save it and iview it later. I recently caught up on Gavin and Stacey which was wonderful! Highly recommend. I often wonder how I had time (or energy) to go to work. One day I will go again but never in the same way I hope. ha…performance…I will have to grow my hair very quickly if I am going to be able to flick it.It is very short at the moment 🙂 It’s exciting doing things I look forward to!

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