I am now a social media expert

This unscheduled break in my writing an article about We Can Be Heroes and Summer Heights High is brought to you by the need to explain the silence of The Spiralling Shape over the last week. Let’s have a look at the days of last week shall we and see what transpired:

Monday: Copies of book arrived. Much joy, relief, happiness. Went to choir and bashed out notes for Christmas concert. Came home. Got the “it’s not you it’s me, I’ve changed how I feel, don’t wait for me anymore” on flipping facebook chat. (Realised later that I can probably claim to be a “social media expert now”). Went to bed sad. Slept briefly.

Tuesday: Woke up at 4am. Still sad. Got out of bed at 8. Couldn’t speak for crying so took a sick day. Stayed home. Wrote a fb message. Realised heart was breaking. Not a pleasant feeling. Started to feel better by the afternoon thanks to wonderful friends. Went to bed and slept much better.

Wednesday: Woke up. Not so sad now as a little bit mad. At myself. Kept this to myself and my journal. Will not share it here. Attempted to write what I am now discovering to be slightly gibberish. Had lunch with Jinxster. Excellent times hearing of travels in Vietnam and Cambodia. Went to work in the afternoon. Came home. Taught the piano. Talked with sensible adult piano student. Felt stronger. Resolved that no more contact would be best course of action for some time. Watched Glee and wondered how it had got to be so crap. Watched IT Crowd and was quite disappointed with it.

Thursday: Wrote some more in the morning even though concentration was extremely poor. Went to work in the afternoon. Started smiling and laughing. Pleased with own resolve and strength.

Friday: Struggled to write anything proper. Faffed about on internet. Went to work in the afternoon. Actually did some tasks that needed completing. Progress good.

Saturday: Went to breakfast at Indulge. Bought groceries. Tidied whole of messy house. Did all washing. Had a three hour nap. Feeling calm and peaceful. Watched news of Burma only to be interrupted to by very unusual, confused, fb chat. This time did not feel sad or mad or anything. Just wondered what the point of that had been. Went to bed.

Sunday: Went to markets and bought some six dollar earrings. Went to beach for coffee in the afternoon and stopped at the lavender farm with Jinxster. Came home. Booked tickets to Tasmania for January. Caught up on Burn Notice, Ashes to Ashes, watched Big Bang Theory, Bones. Went to bed. Realised that some weeks are crappier than others and that one had been a doozy.

Monday: Woke up resolved to have a better week this week.
Am doing so.

The end.


5 Responses to “I am now a social media expert”

  1. Wendy says:

    forgot to mention…all of the above accompanied by a delightful cold that continues as I write this…

  2. 2paw says:

    Oh no, I think boogelliness increases exponentially with a cold. I am glad you are feeling somewhat better and have pockets of happiness and expertness!!

  3. Wendy says:

    you are definitely right about the cold!

    I'm all a little bit que sera sera now thank goodness!

  4. What a roller coaster of a week! Hope the cold clears and takes away so much of the other issue with it.

  5. Wendy says:

    more lows than highs…but gradually getting back to the beginning and clearing away the muck!

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