It’s Friday…Bob Dylan says so

And we all know that if his Bobness says so it must be true. Today indeed was Friday. Not just any Friday but the last Friday of official work for an entire week. I finally gave in and took a week’s holiday. I have been desperately trying to save up my holidays to take a huge chunk at Christmas-New Year, but after last week I decided that I couldn’t wait any longer. I had, as they say, had enough. So I ripped through this week and couldn’t wait for today. I did some work on my journal article revision and will continue to do so over the next week. What else am I going to do though?

1. Sleep in
2. Go out for coffees and lunches
3. Teach the piano
4. Go to choir on Monday night
5. Accompaniment rehearsals on Saturday and Tuesday afternoon
6. Nap
7. Watch TV
8. Faff about on the internets
9. Read
10. Clean out my wardrobe
11. Work on my library study and readings
12. Cook
13. Some non-strenuous house cleaning and tidying
14. Listen to music
15. Anything that takes my fancy


2 Responses to “It’s Friday…Bob Dylan says so”

  1. 2paw says:

    That is a lovely list of things to fill your week!! There does come a time when enough is enough.

  2. Wendy says:

    so true…time for a little break to recharge the batteries 🙂

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