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Thoughts on Mrs Carey’s Concert September 23, 2011

On Monday evening I sat down to watch Mrs Carey’s Concert, the documentary by Bob Connolly and Sophie Raymond. It followed the “trials and tribulations’ of Mrs Carey – music teacher at a Sydney girls’ school – over two years as she prepared her school’s musicians for a concert at the Opera House. Yes, that’s […]

A large piece of toenail September 15, 2011

Yesterday afternoon I made my 15 minute journey to Innes Park as usual to do an afternoon of piano teaching. The five sisters and their good friend were all delightful as always. This week I was treated to the sight of a broken toenail…and then as a follow up…I got to see the large piece […]

Fighting fish and fern September 10, 2011

My parents and my sister have left town for a week for a little holiday. Before they left they gave me the contents of their fridge (lamingtons,shallots, a leek, pumpkin, tomatoes, capscium, spinach, a single potato, cherry tomatoes, avocado) as well as my sister’s fighting fish and my mother’s maidenhair fern to look after. The […]

Guinea pig and frog September 7, 2011

One might imagine that an afternoon of piano teaching would be about teaching the piano. One would be mistaken. It’s that of course but lots lots more. For instance, take today. It was the usual Wednesday afternoon line up. We began with a brother and sister team who have their lessons one after the other […]

buying shoes on the internet September 2, 2011

The last few weeks have been busy busy busy and the next few will be as well. Fear not dear Spiralling Shape readers, this has not prevented me from buying shoes on the internet. Oh yes. You heard me correctly. I did it once and I may well do it again. Living in a shoe-buying […]

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