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there’s no holding back a river January 28, 2013

The first time my house flooded there was no warning. I had my parents living with me as they were in the process of building a new house. There was an afternoon of torrential rain, the sewage main backed up through the house while we were watching television and before we knew it we had […]

a la Mr Henry Rollins January 20, 2013

The best thing I watched on TV this week was the documentary about Bill Hicks on ABC2 on Sunday night. Of course I recorded it and watched it on Wednesday but we won’t quibble over the details. I am ashamed I was not particularly familiar with Bill Hicks. I had heard his name here and […]

Challenge accepted January 13, 2013

So this might well be a post about work. Yes, it is. This time last week I was very glad that I had got the whole “first day back at work after Christmas break” thing out of the way before a full week. All the little stresses with taking on a different role were starting […]

and I am cute too…. January 5, 2013

So it seems that today is the last #blog12daysxmas. I thought we had a day to go. I know I promised to write a post about what I read in 2012 but seriously, I didn’t keep track. That’s why I just signed up to goodreads now and started a 2013 shelf which I hope to […]

of meditation and exercise January 4, 2013

Today started a little inauspiciously. I woke up way too early and my brain clicked into gear immediately. My head was also a little woozy which I hate. I made myself do yoga breathing and this passed by the time it was time to get out of bed. I did my meditation before work and […]

reality sets in….and bites a little January 3, 2013

I had every good intention to write a post about what I read in 2012. But now it is evening and I am tired and would not do it justice. I also realised that I haven’t kept track of my reading in 2012 very well. I can however, write a post about the way my […]

Heigh Ho January 1, 2013

Well here we are at the 2nd of January and it’s time to go back to work. I feel strangely calm about the whole thing. Anyway, that’s boring talk. What happened yesterday? I sewed most of the afternoon. Then my Dad popped over to help me move my dining table into the music room where […]

a place for everything

I have spent the morning as I mean to continue the rest of 2013 – catching up with a friend in person! We worked out we hadn’t done this for the whole of 2012 and we live in the same town. I need to do much better this year with the whole work-life balance situation. […]

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