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I have a hobby October 27, 2012

I cut this skirt out last weekend and sewed it together yesterday and today. It’s another attempt at the A-line pattern. This time though I had the advantage of owning a zipper foot for putting in the zip. It did take me ten minutes to work out how to change the foot on the machine […]

I scared myself a little bit stupid October 21, 2012

After days of hay fever I finally managed to get to the doctor and get a prescription for my heavy duty nasal spray. Almost instant relief. Of course the doctor’s visit was for something else. Two weeks ago I tripped up the stairs at work and gave myself a monster bruise on my shin. It […]

zips, rick rack and sleeves October 14, 2012

Another weekend and more sewing. This weekend I cut out the A line skirt pattern I bought over the inter webs. Either I did something really wrong or the pattern was wrong because the waist pieces did not match the skirt pieces. I did some creative “adding of material” to the waist pieces so they […]

the sewing frenzy continues October 7, 2012

The sewing frenzy continues. I spent every day at work wishing I was at home sewing. That is strange isn’t it? Yesterday I made two things. This top and this skirt. I am very happy with the top. It is better than last week’s effort with the same pattern where I didn’t take enough notice […]

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