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the narrator is Death….puh-lease April 26, 2013

When the lovely and welcoming @jobeaz kindly let me become part of her book club I was full of good intentions. Here was my chance to get back into reading fiction. For the last few years it’s been lots and lots of memoirs, autobiographies, biographies and non-fiction. (I actually believe that finishing my PhD some […]

basic April 21, 2013

Just a little bit of sewing this weekend. I finished the white long sleeved blouse that I had started last weekend. It’s a tremendously basic pattern but it always works out which I like. This time I left the sleeves long. Then I whacked together another skirt with some cheap patchwork fabric I had bought […]

flounces April 7, 2013

I have spent the afternoon battling with French seams (and giving up because they did my head in) and flounces. In the end it all worked out okay. This was first attempt at this pattern and as has become my habit I made it in a cheap material in case I totally faffed it up. […]

The 40 dollar table April 6, 2013

Finally my flood damaged music room was completely ready to set back up this week after the last of O’Reilly’s men traipsed through the house leaving a trail of dirty footprints behind them. In all fairness though they were quick, efficient and did everything they said they were going to. I was so relieved when […]

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