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Beer damper January 26, 2014

by Wendy Davis I actually lost track of the date so I thought tomorrow was Australia Day what with it being the public holiday and everything. So I was a little unprepared to wake up and find the usual debates about Australia Day/Invasion Day etc etc. Also my Facebook feed was full of Aussie things […]

Of quiet, brutal comedy and John Cusack January 10, 2014

When I first started this blog I used to write about television regularly. Here’s a throwback to the olden days. Something I have had time to do since leaving work is catch up on my film and TV viewing. Or maybe I’ve just felt like I’ve had time to do this as my mind has […]

The biggest hugs…and the best January 7, 2014

My Grandad, Bob Davis, passed away peacefully this afternoon in hospital at the Gold Coast. At 92 he had lived a long and productive life. Born in Chinchilla, Grandad moved into Brisbane with his family where they settled in Moorooka. He was a young man and worked with his father on the family milk run. […]

Red ribbon in your cat’s bottom?…no worries January 4, 2014

This post probably goes a long way to explain why I am not a vet. Last night I arrived home to a most unusual sight. As the cat greeted me at the door I noticed something odd. Sticking out of his, shall we say, ARSE, was a length of the red craft ribbon that I […]

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